Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels

As I tilt my head to see
Branches jostled by wind
Leaves drained of color
Erupting, each into
Its respective dance
A familiar chill
Kisses the tips of my limbs
Touching with lovely contrast
The warmth in my stomach and chest

An enchanting reminder
That I am never safe
Every love of mine
Will pale and shrink with time
Begin lush and green and close
Clinging to branches, but
Here come the winds, and
We darken and wither and fall

Yet I smile because
There is something so
About a passing leaf
Dancing on the winds of change
My blood cools with a
Deep, eternal peace
As I think to myself
“In loss
We will always be freed.”





A poem.

Photo by Adam Grabek from Pexels

The seagulls wrote to me

I know it to be true

Their throaty symphony

Woke the child in my chest

Who skips on rocky shores

Looking to name the crabs


I head them write her name

“You can slow,” they bellowed

“You can rest, you can rest!

There are caverns in you

That no longer must wait

To greet the rushing tide.”



A poem.

Photo by omar alnahi from Pexels

The way she cries is through your eyes

The way she kills is quiet

You’re a puppet on her string, you see

But her hands are hidden, silent


The way she loves is how you love her

Let your eyes reflect her stars

Carry her with your steps, and learn

For what you know defines her


Fear not that lonely, hollow song

When she’s flown away, despondent

When you feel your burning chest, remember

There’s fire in her heart


Become her



A poem.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

I gazed up at Atlantis

As I passed through

A speck of dirt in a

Cave of diamonds

The sun celebrated her too

Tossing light up against

Her glass tower like a ball

Which bounced back down

A crystal waterfall

Casting a spotlight on

A shimmering fountain and

Golden people perched on its knee

For a moment I felt

Impossibly unimportant

Drowning in it all

Then I stopped walking

For I could no longer take a step

Being an imposter now

I felt I should run away

Into exile

But I stayed and

Whispered to myself

I breathe


I belong